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The JB Construction was founded over 25 years ago

The JB Construction has established itself as a growing force in the building renovation and new construction. Starting with a clear and simple vision, to provide design creativity and state-of-art construction techniques, we have been able to realize this goal and consistently meet our client’s needs.

Our History

As the oldest Korean-American construction company in New Jersey, all construction is guaranteed for 10 years with a professional license and $8 million insurance.


Since then we have been providing our customers with only the latest technology and experience available to us, no matter what the cost.

Estimated Budget

we suggest the upper end of your budget or the final agreed upon budget figure should be 90-95% what you can or are willing to spend.

The Architectural, Estimating and Construction Process

Here is a brief overview of the initial phase of the design and construction process. And we can handle union work.


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New House

Your dream home can’t become a reality without the help of a contractor. And some contractors are better than others.


Residential is an adjective that expresses a relationship with homes, apartments, or any place where people live.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring. Designers Help From Selection To Install.

BZ Store & more

Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring. Designers Help From Selection To Install.


the process of repairing and improving a building so that it is in good condition again, or the improvements that are carried out


Duplexes are often viewed as wise investment properties since you can essentially live in one unit while renting out the other.

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings include office buildings, retail space, warehouses and more.

Korean hot water ondol heating installation


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